Seasonal Flowers: What's in Bloom and When to Plant Them

If you are a farmer or a gardener enthusiast, you can always follow this guide to the best seasonal flowers that you should plant manifestly the whole year for a godly garden.

  • Seasonal Flowers

The fun in gardening comes from the satisfaction of witnessing the unfolding and bursting of colors and aromas as flowers fulfill their promise of becoming as they were meant to, enhancing our moods as gardeners. Planting seasonal flowers that grow better in a specific range of seasons can help attain the garden of your dreams. If you are a farmer or a gardener enthusiast, you can always follow this guide to the best seasonal flowers that you should plant manifestly the whole year for a godly garden.

Spring Flowers


Tulip bulbs should be planted in the fall, preferably somewhere between late September and early November, in order to be done before December's first frost. They will flower in season specifically between March and May, actually depending on your location which inter alia determines your climate zone.


Daffodils also require summer bulbs. They offer the same planting time as tulips. Along with your investment, the grateful flower will take care of you by giving the sunny faces at the beginning of spring that also are available at florist Lancaster PA, which suggests the approaching seasons of warmer weather.

Summer Flowers


To begin with flowers for the summer season, sowing the bare-root roses around winter, or planting container-grown roses during spring after the last frost is the perfect timing. In summer they will struggle to bloom. The time of the peak will change depending on the kind of roses.


Plant lavender in the mid-late spring and early summer seasons after frost is gone. This flowering plant prefers well-drained soil and full sun, bearing tanginess scented flowers from late spring to the end of summer.


Sow sunflower seeds through the ground once the last frost date has passed in spring. The flowers grow up with cheerful faces or yellow, which will bring sunshine to your garden throughout these summer months.

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Fall Flowers

Chrysanthemums (Mums):

Plant mums are being transplanted in late spring or early summer so they will have enough time to root before they surprise us with the fall blooms. There is a wide range of colors and they create a striking dynamic in autumn gardens.


Plant pansies in mid-summer to obtain flowers during the Autumn season. You can also find this flower easily at Janes Flowers Like some members of another kind of a family, pansies are frost-tolerant and don't stop flowering after the first frost.


Either sow the plant aster seeds or seedlings in late spring or early summer so you’ll have blooms from late summer through fall. These flowerheads that look like daisies are the places where different pollinators like to visit. Their range of colors can range from deep blue to bright red and can also be spotted at many florists in Ephrata PA.

Winter Flowers


If you want winter blooms, choose spring planting, either by seed or by transplant. These plants belonging to the family of impatiens are hardy perennials and bloom with white, violet, or rose-colored bell-shaped flowers in wintry times.

Winter Jasmine:

Following planting directly in the fall or the end of spring will facilitate the winter jasmine flowering between the late winter and the early spring and if you get lucky you can find this flower at Florist New Holland PA. This shrub with long branches is responsible for the production of warm yellow flowers that enliven the generally dull-looking winter landscape with a touch of color.

Winter Aconite:

Plant winter aconite bulbs in the autumn that will bloom in early spring. These soft-translucent bright yellow flowers, among the first, can be typically found blooming up out of the snow readily in late winter or early spring.

Pick the varieties of flowers that bloom at the right times and introduce them into your garden thus securing a continuous display of both colors and beauty all year round. The great variety of flowers brings you the joy of an orange jonquil or lemon lily in spring, the vibrant purple of violets in summer, or the harmonious colors of rag-doll chrysanthemums in fall. Happy gardening!

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