Flower Etiquette: When and How to Send Flowers for Different Occasions

Learn when and how to send flowers for different occasions with ease. Our guide simplifies flower etiquette, making your gestures thoughtful and appropriate every time

  • Flower Etiquette

There are tons of flowers out there from fresh commercial flowers to locally growing fresh flowers. Along with a wide variety of flowers there also are various occasions we need flowers for. So it is always a win-win situation where you can explore different kinds of flowers for all the events and festivities. Along with the flowers you choose you also have to keep in mind some other basic flower-sending etiquette to make sure that receiving flowers is a wholesome experience for the recipient.

Here are some flower recommendations along with sending flowers etiquette-


The flower etiquette for birthdays gen generally begins with when to send flowers. The best time to send birthday flowers is early in the morning or at midnight for an early birthday surprise. You can also send them to their workplace or carry them along if you are paying a visit. For birthday flowers you can go with Sunflowers, Lilies, and Roses as well.


For romantic occasions like anniversaries, you can surprise your partner with an impromptu date and do something fun together. Be sure to keep flowers handy in your car or at your destination. If you are away this anniversary and thinking of how to send flowers then you can schedule a delivery with florists in Lancaster PA or order flowers online with Jane's Flower Shoppe. You can get flowers like Red roses, Pink lilies and Pink peonies.


Being a part of someone's much-awaited celebration be it getting a new job, project, or getting into college. These achievements in life call for a get-together. And if you are invited it's best to take flowers with you. Flowers like daffodils and tulips Orchids which you can find easily with florist in New Holland PA are great for such occasions. You must carry these flowers with you as it is a symbol of appreciation.

Sympathy and Condolences

During times of loss and grief, sending flowers can offer comfort. You can go with elegant flowers, such as white lilies or orchids, to convey sympathy and respect. It's best to have the flowers delivered directly to the funeral home or the recipient's home to ensure they are received in a timely and appropriate manner. You can get flowers in Lititz PA. These flowers can be a token of care and sympathy or reflect the person's life itself.

Get Well Soon

Visiting the sick is a sweet gesture, this brings a sense of security and care. You can go with cheerful and uplifting flowers, such as bright gerbera daisies or tulips, to bring joy and encouragement to the recipient. Include a get well soon message that conveys your wishes for a speedy recovery and offers words of comfort and support.

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Thank You

Expression of gratitude keeps you grounded and brings you awareness. Sending flowers of appreciation for someone will make them feel special. You can get fragrant flowers, such as roses or peonies, to express gratitude and admiration. You can also go with a mix of carnations and roses or ranunculus.

Sending flowers for different occasions requires thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and consideration of the recipient's preferences and circumstances. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, congratulations, sympathy, get well soon, or a simple thank you, the gift of flowers can convey sentiments in a meaningful and heartfelt way.

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