Which Flowers Bloom All Summer?

Summer flowers are some of the most colorful and fragrant ones among flowers. If you are a fan of the spectacular blooms, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we have discussed about some of the most beautiful and vibrant summer flowers that bloom throughout the summer months.

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Begonia flowers are one of the best choices for your garden. They grow well in shady places. There are many types of begonia flowers available, and they all vary in shapes and sizes. The colors include pink, red, purple, yellow, white, and more. Even the leaves of Begonia tree is very pretty and are often used as foliage. You can get begonia from any florists in New Holland PA. Jane's Flower Shoppe is the best in town. Check out their collection of flowers now!

Black-eyed Susan

Another beautiful perennial popular summer flower that bloom throughout the summer months, black-eyed Susans have a black center and bright yellow petals. Although, orange petals are also seen in some species. This flower will look great both as cut flowers as well as blooming in the garden. This plant is pretty low maintenance and hence suitable for amateur gardeners. Black eyed susan flowers are high level pollinator attractors. So, it’s good to have them in your garden.


Colorful and bright, bougainvillea flowers can instantly brighten up any corner that you put them in. these sparkly flowers come in shades of purple, red, yellow, and more. Bougainvillea flowers grow well in warm and sunny climates. They grow well in both soil and in containers.

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Coneflowers have one of the most distinct looks- quite different from other flowers in this list. It has a central disc that is surrounded by petals that look like rays. However, it is a popular summer flower that blooms throughout the season. They attract pollinators a lot, so they are good for your garden. Coneflowers are popularly used as cut flowers as they present a very pretty and unique display.


Delphinium or Larkspur is another popular and colorful summer flower that blooms through all summer. It is a pretty flower that grows in spikes and comes in various colors such as white, yellow, pink, purple, blue, red, and more. It is to be noted that the plant itself, including the flowers, leaves, and other parts are poisonous if ingested internally. They are very popular cut flowers that are used for making bouquets of various kinds.


This round-shaped tropical flowers grow all summer and give your garden a radiant, colorful look. Marigold flowers are usually found in shades like red, yellow, and orange. Marigolds are associated with happiness, festivity, joy, celebrations, and all things good in life. It is also associated with good luck.

These flowers mentioned above are some of the most beautiful, vibrant, and bright flowers of the summer season. Whether you make a flower garden with these plants, or use them as cut flowers for any kinds of celebratory bouquets, they just look perfect at all times. Now you can order these flowers easily from Lancaster PA florists like Jane's Flower Shoppe online flower shop. They offer doorstep delivery of premium quality flowers that are sure to impress you.

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