Choose the best flowers for international women's day

Each year on 8th March, men and women collectively celebrate the presence of all the women in their lives, their contribution to society, and their daily work of nurturing everything around them, whether it's a household or a company. Many individuals observe the custom of presenting blooms in addition to shopping at women-owned stores and using the day to make donations or resources to organizations that help women.

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This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity which highlights the equality of a woman in our society through the best flowers. With the best of covering fresh and latest blooms, we are all set to embrace the equity of the women in your lives with a quick guide. Here we have listed the most beautiful flowers for women’s day with some best ideas mentioned below.

International women’s day and flowers as symbols

International Women's Day is a recognized global holiday by the United Nations with the dual goals of recognizing the achievements women have made to society and bringing attention to the societal issues that still need to be resolved in order to achieve gender equality. Even though a woman’s life has no holiday it is always a beautiful gesture to wish someone a happy women’s day with flowers. All the special women deserve the best of attention.

Women and men alike have kept giving the gift of flowers over the years to honor the powerful women in their lives. Although the mimosa bloom has a specific meaning, other flowers are also presented. Additionally important are flowers like tulips and roses. Order flower delivery in advance to the amazing women in your life, or get a bouquet from your neighborhood florist and give each woman you come across throughout the day a different flower from the bouquet.

Mimosas for International Women’s day

The first International Women's Day event in Italy, known as Festa Della Donna, was organized in 1946 by the political group UDI (Unione Donne Italiane, the Italian Women's Union). Fighting for women's equality was the goal. The mimosa was chosen as the emblem of this festival on March 8, 1946, by members of the UDI because it stands for strength, sensibility, and sensitivity. Hence, mimosa as giving flowers on international women’s day is considered a ritual. They are the official flower, but the exact reason why is unknown; nonetheless, seasonality and abundance at that time of year are thought to play a role. Additionally, the mimosa flower's yellow hue is a common representation of joy. The custom of offering a bouquet of mimosa flowers to ladies of all ages is still in use today, and it is not simply limited to Italy.

Other significant Women’s day flowers


Roses are multipurpose flowers that are perfect for sending as a gift on any occasion. Additionally, these are fantastic to send on International Women's Day. Pink, yellow, white, and orange are our top choices.


Receiving gorgeous tulips in a variety of colors always makes the ideal bunch of bouquets. Each color has a fascinating symbolism and meaning to it. Tulips in shades of yellow and pink are the ideal gift for Women's Day. Our florists New Holland PA has the best of fresh and colorful tulips to choose from Jane's Flower Shoppe.


The "queen of flowers" nickname applies frequently to peonies. These blooms, which are indigenous to China, come in a variety of hues, including red, white, pink, and others. They stand for love, fortune, kindness, and prosperity.


Lilies are a wonderful choice for International Women's Day since they represent motherhood, passion, and beauty. Different lilies have various symbolic connotations that can be ordered through our florists in Lancaster, PA, They exhibit the ideal harmony between passion and beauty and are frequently used with roses in bouquets.

The significance of giving flowers for international women’s day is far deeper than we understand. The aforementioned flowers here are only the most commonly given flowers worldwide; many other options are always available for every special woman with a special meaning to them. Looking for florists to cater to your unique gifting needs this International women’s day? Visit Jane's Flower Shoppe now!

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